Arina Tanemura’s Characters and their Place in Your Life


This might sound like a strange post, but I hope you understand what I’m getting at by the time you’ve finished reading it. ^__^

Basically, this is imagining that all Arina’s characters are a part of your life and what would you want them to be. E.g. sibling, spouse, etc.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or the mangas they come from, and these pictures don’t belong to me either, I got them from the internet and linked them to where I got them from.

Maron Kusakabe from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Maron is the person I want to be in the future, sort of like the “would-be-self” in Shugo Chara….?

“Thanks to everything that’s been happening lately, my heart hasn’t been getting weaker… just the opposite! Now it’s as tough as nails… heh heh heh.” -Maron

Actually, I have… a secret I can’t even tell God. There is one wish that… I want to come true. And maybe it can… with you. Just maybe… I can become faster than a shooting star.

No, I’m sure I can do it, in the end, no matter what happens. God… I am a girl with a cursed fate. I’ve fallen in love with a boy… and I want to be happy.” – Maron

“I don’t need a sword. I’m a pacifist! I don’t need any decorations, either. I always want to be me, as I really am. I finally got the courage I was after. And here are the words I wanted to hear. “It’s okay to cry… because now I’m not alone!”” – Maron

Chiaki Nagoya from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Chiaki starts off teasing you and is a playboy, but when he gets serious about you he becomes possessive, protective, and will do everything for you. I guess unrealistic in real life but you know… a girl can hope…. = =

Haine Otomiya from Shinshi Doumei Cross

I would want Haine to be my sister. Haine is kind, cheerful, strong and selfless. She treasures the people around her, and she’s very close to Komaki and Tachibana, her siblings.

Ushio Amamiya from Shinshi Doumei Cross

I would want Ushio to be my best friend. She sticks up for you no matter what they say about you, and would always think of you, do everything together. She’s cool, bold and by the end of the manga series, much more kind and sweet. A little possessive, but that’s really cute, and I’ve always liked her, right from the start (unlike many people).

Mitsuki Koyama from Full Moon wo Sagashite

I would want Mitsuki as my roommate. XD She’s considerate and kind and I would want to be best friends with her too (although rooming with your bestie often ruins your friendship), the kind person I can talk to, someone who’s gone through a lot of pain and gives good advice. Although this year I’m in a single. :P


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  1. Arina Tanemura’s drawing always amazes me… It’s very shoujo, and that’s the kind of art I like. I guess I’ll turn into a fan too once I start reading her works ^_^ (I’ll attack my favorite comic store once I have saved enough to buy any copy of her manga. I just saw piles of Arina manga sold in the store!)

    • Please be an Arinacchi fan! I would be so happy if you would be. Then we’d have one more thing in common ^__^ And do you want the Full Moon wo Sagashite volume 1? I can mail it to you.

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