Stalk Arinacchi’s Kitties on Twitter Day~


Just signed up for Twitter (don’t blame me, it’s sealed off in China, and I only signed up for Arinacchi). Decided to dedicate one post about Arinacchi’s cats. ^__^

Anyway, here are some awesome pictures Arina posted on twitter.

Wooah, Arina’s kitty (Riku) has huge, beautiful eyes! >__

Riku and Kai. :3

Riku~ :3

超级可爱的!!有菜的猫太可爱了啦!!>__< 有点想养个动物,然后给他们取日本名字 XD (Chinese translated: Super cute!! Arina’s cats are too cute!! >__< Kinda want a pet now too, and then give them Japanese names XD)




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