5 Days till Summer Ends- Best Endings in Shoujo History (with exceptions)


Yay! I’ve been waiting for this ^__^ Best scenes in shoujo history. Well… this will be biased XD I will try to span over as many animes and mangas as possible, so more people will be able to relate, but I will be honest when I say the top endings I liked. :) And you know it will be mostly Arinacchi, because I loved all her endings.

Disclaimer: I do not own these animes/mangas or pictures, I got them from the internet and linked them to where I got them from. I’m sorry if I’m breaking some rule here, I’m hazy about copyright laws.

Now, for once, in a particular order (descending, best first):

1. Zettai Kareshi– Don’t Cry Anymore

This was such a sad ending, and I think everybody cried when they read this. :’)

2. Card Captor Sakura Movie 2- Ashita e no Merodii

This was the best part! ^__^ Sakura finally told Syaoran she liked him, right after she captured the last, sealed card, and when Syaoran smiled and said: “Me too.” (we were waiting for this, afraid his feelings would disappear because of the last card), Sakura jumped over to Syaoran (now that’s bravery I lack). The ending theme song blasts away, with a loud: “Todokete kono koe wo!!”

Very, very suitable song. Melody to Tomorrow, it’s called, a great song for a brand new day in the movie as everyone wakes up and everything’s back to normal. ^__^ I absolutely loved this part. :D Most CCS fans (including me) consider this as the proper ending to CCS, since it is, really, the actual ending. It would be terrible if all just ended at the 70th episode. Major cliffhanger.

3. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne– We’re Home… Maron

This is not the actual ending (this was the part before the time skip) but it’s a big part of Maron’s happy ending and I thought it was a stroke of genius on Arina’s part.

But here’s the actual last page, not counting all the side stories:

4. Full Moon wo Sagashite– もうどこにも行かないで!(Mou doko ni mo ikanaide)

This was the sweetest ending ever. ^__^ Nuff said.

5. Shinshi Doumei Cross/The Gentleman’s Alliance Cross- Touya’s Happy Ending

I didn’t get to read the short Touya and Riko working together chapter, so this was completely unexpected and I only learned about how Touya has feelings for her later. But this was so cute!! >__< I love this.

Again, like with Maron’s, this is not the actual proper ending (the last page) but I consider this as a separate happy ending for Touya, so it definitely counts. ^__^

But this is included in Shinkuro’s complete ending, so when I put Touya’s ending up, I’m also putting Haine’s amazing double ending up as well, although there are no pictures of it. :)

5. Inuyasha The Final Act- Onii-chan!

Lol, Kagome! Look at Inuyasha’s face after Kagome called Sesshomaru “Onii-chan” (hence the title)! XD

Anyway, I thought the series was dragged a little too long (all the fighting in the middle) but the ending was amazing and made up for all that stuff in the middle. It would’ve been bad if the series ended too quickly, but they could’ve reduced the series by 30 or so episodes, honestly.


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  1. I say speaking of the Cardcaptor Sakura Anime, did you know the Sealed Card DVD had an extra bonus poster showing Sakura actually falling into Syaoran’s arms at the end ? Rather unconventional but it’s a perfect fit with the last frame of Sakura in mid air….

    And this – http://ccs.sky-bound.org/gallery/data/media/200/118.jpg (2100×3500 pix no less)

    There’s even a video of it now on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHlfaMJFmj4

    Found it from reading Wikipedia “…The movie ends leaving Sakura in mid-air with their embrace not directly shown in the video. However, bonus artwork released with the film (during it’s DVD premiere) includes a large illustrated poster of an extra ending scene showing Sakura successfully making the leap, right into Syaoran’s arms, as the pair embrace for a happy ending….”

    You could include that picture — it’s so rare it was only on 2 places in the net — on the wiki for the series. Squeeeeee yet?

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