4 Days till Summer Ends- Your Manganime Crushes (ooh)


This is going to be fun XD

And I’m serious, I was obsessed with these character(s) (once).

Disclaimer: I do not own these character(s) or these pictures, I got them from the internet and linked them to where I got them from.

TSUKIYOMI IKUTO from Shugo Chara

Check this post about AMUTO or TADAMU?

Ikuto is good looking (always a plus XD), manly (required of all guy characters), a bad boy type (the best kind), but actually a selfless, kind person who really cares about Amu and values others much more than himself.

I know that’s how Ikuto wanted it though, to keep the people he cares about (namely Amu and Tadase) away from the danger and problems that surround him by doing things that make them hate him and purposely making misunderstandings just so that all the people he cares about will hate him and stay away from him.

There aren’t many people in the world who can do that.

Ikuto is being controlled by Easter because of his parents, he is not doing anything bad by his own will. He is chained down, forced to do the dirty work, thrust into a cynical view towards batsu tamas, and in need of Amu’s kagayaki (light) and care.

Plus Ikuto, despite being described as aloof in countless wikis and summaries, has super cute moments:

Ikuto is awesome. Even though I watched the anime first, I think he is awesome. Lots of people who watched the anime first thought Tadase was cute. ARGH DX

I not only fangirl over him (ahh~ Ikkun!), there was a time (the first time I watched Shugo Chara) that I would scream every time he appeared onscreen and cry during those times when he was hurt by Tadase, EASTER, Amu and many others. Seriously.


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