Chocolate Cosmos~


Here’s the Chocolate Cosmos review! Haruta Nana

Here’s the awesome synopsis from My Anime List:


Sakurai Sayuki was born with sharp eyes that make her look like she’s always angry, even though she’s not. Because of her looks, students around her misunderstand her as a bully and scary girl when in fact she’s “a romantic”. After 15 years without a boyfriend, she started off her high school year with hopes of love…”

Here’s my review:

STORY: 8.5/10

Sayuki’s sharp eyes bully image was not very emphasized throughout the manga. After the initial mention, it just faded away as Sayuki soon found herself two love interests.

At first I was thrilled with the cute boy on the beach being a teacher! I was like: YES!! I love teacher-student relationships!

But of course, Sayuki has a childhood friend who gets jealous of this…

ART: 9.5/10

Of course, as usual, Haruta Nana’s art is beautiful and impeccable. Very neat, clean and nice. I hate reading manga with bad art, it’s seriously a real turn off.


The characters were all good, I liked the relationships between all of them. So, a 9.


Ehh… it was all right. The beginning was very exciting but it loses its excitement as it goes along. Readable, enjoyable, but not the kind that makes you lose sleep or get super impatient while waiting for the next release. Although better than Rockin Heaven, it can’t compare to Arinacchi’s manga. Sorry! But still good! Don’t get me wrong.

OVERALL: 8.75/10

Here’s two reviews from MAL:

“This is mostly about a girl whom mistakes her home ec. teacher for a nice regular highschool student. The title of the manga will kick in once you get further in the manga. So not much to talk about, but overall it’s an honest to good manga about a forbidden love that will work it’s way to solve it’s self one way or another with a funny cute twist in the end.
Art is awesome, you must read.
Ask any question if needed.” – Aure-Aui

“I picked up this manga when it was first published and freshly translated. I instantly fell in love with the artwork. And that might be the biggest reason why I kept with it, despite it’s late updates.

STORY 8/10
Like most shoujo mangas, the were cliches, love triangles, forbidden love, etc. But for chocolate cosmo, it all seemed to be tied together, there were unexpected twist, and also a fair amount of lighthearted humor. That made reading it addicting.I rank the story an 8 out of 10, because despite it’s good nature, it was still slightly over predictable.

ART 10/10
As I’ve said, the artwork is truly something else. Now, it is not realistic, but it is beautiful in a way only a true contender to the phrase ‘shoujo-manic’ could understand. The art made the predictable story line bearable. (And almost made me wish, Hagi was real)

As for as character goes, I found each character to be memorable. With a strong leading heroine, a childish and charming protagonist, and a even more charming, antagonist, and a group of well structure friends. It made the story really come alive. I found every character to be lovable, unique and at the same time, I was able to relate with them.

Not including the long hiatus on updates. I found that while I would instantaneously read when there was an update, I did not lose any sleep pondering when the next chapter would be released. While it did keep my attention hanging on every character’s words, while I was reading it, when I was done with the newest update, I didn’t feel incomplete that there wasn’t a next chapter. Hence, I’m giving it a ranking of 8. It was very enjoyable, just not great.

Overall, I’d recommend this to artwork adoring fan girls, with a fetish for handsome teachers, and tangledrelationship. I recommend this only to those who have patience for cliches, and adore love stories, no matter how simple they turn out to be.” – –ariste


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