Enter my “Rockin’ Heaven” by Mayu Sakai


The review of Mayu Sakai’s Rockin Heaven! Haven’t had this reviews in a while, I’m sorry. :)

Here’s an awesome synopsis from My Anime List:


Sawa Konishi transfers to a new high school not knowing that it used to be an all boys school. On her first day she tries to become friends with the other only girl in her class, Akira Nagashima. Sawa’s class is full of boys who don’t listen to teachers and just wise off. She wants to make everyday of school fun, but can she with Ran (the leader) giving her trouble? (Source: Wiki)

And some great comments/reviews from the same website by the users:

“Story. 8. The story has nothing special about it. Just about a girl who goes to a school full of boys…

Art. 8. I really liked the art. The characters were all so cute.

Character. 8. The characters werent that interesting by themselves, but if you think about the character relationships, you’d think they’re great.

Enjoyment. 10. I really liked it. I enjoyed it alot.

Overall. 9. Its good, overall but it could be a lot more interesting.” ShoujoCrisis

Yes, who doesn’t love Mayupon’s art? ^__^

Well, I think it began really well, but I think Ran and Sawa’s relationship could’ve been done better. I did very much like Akira’s relationship with Tsubaki. ^__^ That was awesome. Side couples rule.

“Rockin’ Heaven was a really good book to read, but it isn’t one of the best.
It was like any other ordinary shoujo manga, cause you know what’s going to happen next. I’m not saying that’s bad, to me it’s kind of a good thing to know what’s going on instead of not understanding it.

I give the story an 8: wasn’t complicated to understand and it’s easy to follow after a few pages. It had a clean plot and it didn’t mess around and go in other directions.

The art, I give a 10: the drawing was neat and clean. Not all over the place and the details stay at a limit.

I give the characters an 8: They have a good place in the story and it made sense of their personality.. what I mean is that, there aren’t any characters in the manga that aren’t needed.

I really enjoyed it, I give it a 9.

Overall, I give it an 8 for plot and enjoyment. I really hope you enjoy this manga too. :D” -CherryBlossom210

Sawa is a very upbeat, strong character and Akira is an aloof and sometimes insecure girl who feels that Sawa only befriended her because there were no other girls in the class, and felt that their friendship was being challenged because Sawa had other, new friends and had started dating Ran.

Well, Rockin’ Heaven was nice, but honestly, it could have been done better. I did lose interest in the middle, but I picked up again and finished it because I liked Akira a lot and wanted her to have a good ending.

Plus, I was really upset when Sugishita came in. I wanted Ran and Sawa to stay together. I didn’t like how Ran kept falling asleep though and Sawa had to take care of him like a mother, that put a huge damper on their relationship.

Anyway, if you like shoujo, you should read Mayu Sakai’s works, but I’d have to say this wasn’t one of her best. For a little more fantasy (but not less romance), read Momo, but for lots of romance. Momo is better in comparison, honestly, but if you just want some high school romance and friendship, this is the manga to go to.

My rating: 8/10


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