Alyssa Mihara tells about Natsumi Ando


(I hope Maria won’t mind my posting here ^_^)

Hello everyone! Uhm… Letsee…

My name is Alyssa Mihara, a new author here at We ♥ Shoujo. Read more about me in my blog: . I hope that counts as an introduction :D

Thanks Maria for adding me as an author here ^_^


Now about shoujo things…. I just want to post about a certain manga-ka: Natsumi Ando.

I’m currently into her works, like, Zodiac P.I. and Kitchen Princess (though I have only 1 volume of Zodiac P.I. and two volumes of Kitchen Princess :D ). Anyway, both the titles are in the shoujo genre so I know everyone here would love to read them, so I highly suggest Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I.! (and yes, I haven’t finished them yet >.<)

Kitchen Princess

Kitchen Princess

Our ‘Kitchen Princess’, Najika Kazami, is an orphan with an absolute taste from Hokaido who transferred to Seika Academy over the director’s recommendation to chase her dream of being a great chef, and to find her “Flan Prince”, a boy that saved her from falling into a river and gave her a cup of flan with a silver spoon with the school’s emblem on it.

So this turns out to be Najika finding her Flan Prince and making her way to be a great pastry chef, but wait till you read about the love triangles (yes, with an ‘s’ ^_^) and the sudden change of events. I’m so into the Najika-Daichi ship! But there’s also Sora, Daichi’s brother, and Seiya, also a great chef, who will appear later in the series. All cool guys! ^_^ (excuse my fan-girling :D ) Anyway, read the manga to find out what those sudden change of events are ^_^

Also, there are recipes included (which are really mouth-watering…..), so I’m giving Kitchen Princess plus points for that.

Zodiac P.I.

Zodiac P.I.

Lili Hoshizawa is the thirteen-year old main character of the series, who uses horoscopes and astrology to solve crimes, accompanied and assisted by her male childhood friend Hiromi after he returns from ten years spent in America for college. Lili uses the Star Ring to tell fortunes and, at times, to transform into the disguise of “Detective Spica”, in which no one recognizes her, except Hiro.

Ohh! I love this wacky ‘detective with magic’ shoujo manga ^_^. And Oikawa is really cool too :)

I don’t have much to say about this manga (yet) because I’ve read only one volume, but I’m looking forward to buying another volume ^_^.

Anyway, don’t you find Lili and Najika quite similar? ^_^


Let’s all read Kitchen Princess and Zodiac P.I.! (I won’t be surprised if you’ll finish reading it earlier than I do :D )


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  2. Wow, great post! Kitchen Princess sounds a lot like Yumeiro Patissiere!! XD Sound interesting, great reviews. I might read Zodiac P.I.
    I completely don’t mind, thank you so much for posting! I was actually really surprised when you posted. :D Thank you~

  3. Ah, good. It’s nice of you to help Maria out^^

    I have not read Ando’s previous works, but I’ve been reading Arisa (Read Vol 1, got Vol 2 recently). It seems like a pretty solid series!

    • I love Arisa! I was going to review it, but then I saw that Kitchen Princess was here, and two reviews in a row by the same artist might look odd, so I’ll do it later, when the series is concluded and I can cover the whole thing.

      Kitchen Princess is cute. I finished it a long time ago, so I vaguely remember. But, to those who have read it, I laughed when S*** D***. xDDD I probably shouldn’t have…
      Zodiac P.I. is her weakest one, IMO, but it was still good ^^

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