2 Days till Summer Ends- Favorite Pokemon


Pokemon post. This is isn’t shoujo, but I used to watch Pokemon a lot, a little bit of every season (mostly the first and second), so I’m going to go ahead and list my favorite pokemon in no particular order.

First pokemon we had been properly introduced to, and the absolute cutest. >__< The indisputable fact.

Pikachu and his kawaii attachment to ketchup:

Pikachu is sooooooo cute! I bet I could charge my iPod using Pikachu. XD

Yeah, well, unfortunately, Ash plays favorites XD, but his pokemon all have great personalities so they completely don’t mind (most of the time, and I have no idea how they do that).

OK, now we will start listing pokemon by name and one picture only. Pikachu is an exception because, well, Pikachu is awesome. I’m sorry.

He/she may look like just a glob of weird pink playdough to you, but to us, well… he’s still playdough. Awesome, candy pink playdough pokemon that can morph into any pokemon and mimic all their attacks (I think)! Why would you get a cute vulpix when you can get a ditto, which is basically getting every single pokemon in the universe??

Well, okay, dittos mess up on details often. And are only best when they’re morphing into pokemon nearby, but still. Dittos are waaaaaay awesome.

Cuuuuuute! >__


Nuff said. XD

Even cuuuuuuuteeeeer!!!! >__< Ahh~ Evee-eeeee! And so many awesome evolutions. Coolest pokemon ever.

OK, Evee must get another picture.


<3 <3<3<3<3
WOBBUFFET. Oh my God. Anybody who does not love this pokemon must be crazy. And the fact that the pre-evolution of Wobbuffet appeared in a Drew x May episode does give him points. XD

Corsolaaaaaa! You must be thinking: “Is she high?” but the answer is no!!!!! It’s because these pokemon are so freaking awesome. ^__^

Vulpix: cute, small, fiery, with an awesome evolution to die for.

That is what the pokedex should say whenever Ash holds it up to a Vulpix. Totally. XD

Minccino. Cutest. Pokemon. EVER.

Although I never saw you appear onscreen, you still rock!

Lol, Psyduck are you drunk? XD

This is my face when I look at all the cute pokemon. This should be your face too.

This face works too. XD


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  1. Yaaay, Pokemon post! XD Who cares if they’re not shojo! :P That Pikachu gif is amazing… <3 And who doesn't like Wobbuffet? It has a natural emoticon face! XD

    Eevee is probably my favorite out of these, as I lovelovelove Vaporeon. <3 Great post!

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