Last Day of Summer- Summer Manganime Pictures


Here’s a treat for the end of summer. :'( I’ll miss being able to get up late in the morning and work on my blog every day. Although that’s why my eyes suck so much right now.

Here’s to the people who went to the beach:

And for those who lounged around at home with their computers (like me):

And for those who actually did something with their summer (good for you guys):

 That’s actually a really good idea (picture above). I mean, I can’t put photos of traveling to other countries on my blog because it doesn’t have anything to do with anime and manga, but then again, I can just bring my figma figures (Kagome and Haruhi, even Itsuki if I want) and snap photos of them at wherever we are! That is so cool. Then I will be able to post it in travel and merchandise even if it’s not Japan! :D

Anyway, happy summer, guys. Summer is ending, and we’ll be in school (or at work) doing what some of us hate (or love, I don’t know).

I will get busier, so daily posts is probably not going to happen, not until I adjust to the workload anyway. Thank you for coming, I really appreciate you guys viewing my blog, even if you might not like shoujo (a lot of guys out there don’t, and a lot of girls out there don’t either). Happy (not really) end of summer!





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  1. My computer is also my bestfriend during summer vacation ^_^
    There are still weekends so there’s still time for blogging (though, it’s not daily :( )
    Oh, I might post something this weekend – that is, if the teachers won’t give any assignments ^_^
    Good luck this school year! ^_^

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