SMA Announcement- We have New Writers!


Yes, we have 3 new writers!! YAY!



Alyssa Mihara

Thanks guys! Have a great school year! :D


About Maria

I love shoujo and Arina Tanemura! Visit my shoujo blog here: I've also started a new blog:

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    • Ha ha, well, did you post it in forums?

      And ask some of your friends who have the same interests as you. Post it on fan clubs or blogs or websites that are about anime and manga you’re interested in, so you can find the right people for your blog.

      But I thought you got a new writer a little while ago! Kuuki, right?

  1. I’m the only new author who hasn’t posted anything yet… |D But I haven’t posted anything new in my blogs for weeks as well, so…

    After the craziness of back-to-school settles down, I’m looking forward to contributing! :)

    • It’s all right! ^_^ Your school has started ALREADY? Tough. My school starts on the 6th. Good luck with your studies! :D Post when you have time. Don’t post when you don’t. It’s fine. :) Thank you so much for even agreeing to be an author!! :D

  2. I love Twilight Sparkle, I wanna go on a date with her and watch her eat her daffodil sandwiches while we talk about the locus of power and roots of racism in intellectual discursive circles and debate.

    • Lol, Twilight Sparkle is cute, and I found out her voice actress does Raven in Teen Titans, which was a surprise. A good one. :D
      If you find a girl like Twilight Sparkle, what would you do? XD

      • Take her out to eat daffodil sandwiches and open up space for solutions on the potential for dualism. And maybe take her out to see a Nicolas Cage movie.

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