Happy Birthday Tomoyo!!


It’s September 3rd! That means… it’s Tomoyo Daidouji’s birthday!! XD

And, of course, we’re going to help her celebrate. ^__^


Be prepared. *__*

Anyway, because I’m tight for time (we’re going to my brother’s college today and helping him unpack. It’s a long drive so I won’t be back until who knows when), I won’t throw a huge party for Tomoyo and invite different characters. We will just wish her a happy birthday properly instead and have a small party within the blog. You guys should wish her a happy birtdhay in the comments section too! She’s an awesome CLAMP character!

Happy Birthday, Tomoyo-chan! We love you so much because you’re awesome and one of the best friends in shoujo history (but then again, there are so many “best friend” types in shoujo…)! Congrats on being a year older! :D

Tomoyo: Arigatou-gozaimasu! ^_^

Tomoyo’s going to sing one for us! :D I love Tomoyo’s singing… >__

Aww, now the mini birthday party’s over and Sakura & Kero-chan is here to take her back home.

Tomoyo is sad to leave but happy to see Sakura-chan, because, well, she’s that best friend type. XD

We love you Tomoyo! Happy birthday! ^_^ We won’t forget you, and hopefully nobody else will because another you lives on in Tsubasa… XD


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