SMA Announcement- Cease to Anime of the Week


When school starts, I will not be able to do Anime of the Week every Friday, since I will have Sunday classes as well. So I think it would be best if I don’t do Anime of the Week during the school year.

I will try my best to keep blogging during the school year, but I will most definitely not be able to post every single day like I do in the summer holidays, so I’m sorry! :) This is a really time consuming hobby, after all.

The anime I am currently watching is Chobits. I will probably watch Hanasaku Iroha next, or Kobato. I haven’t made that decision yet. Anyone care to make a few suggestions for good animes to watch (shoujo please)?

Thankfully, I have Sweetie-chan, iireadmanga, Alyssa Mihara and Lily to help me, so thanks you guys! :D


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  1. A good series would be Clannad (I know I talk about it alot. xD). I guess it could be called Shoujo since it has romance, and the main character is a girl.
    BUT BE WARNED: IT IS VERY SAD! It has alot of random, funny moments, too.
    If you watch it on dubHappy (Clannad is fully Engliah dubbed.), please watch the movie AFTER the second season, or it’d be a spoiler. And if you want, there’s an OVA episode, and its really good, but it may confuse you with the rest of the series.

    I should have wrote a review of the anime instead. xD

    • Oh my God, I absolutely HATE dubs! It’s TERRIBLE. It completely changes the mood of the anime. It makes the anime sound like a- like a- like a kiddy CARTOON. Animes are NOT cartoons! But the english dubbing makes it sound like some stupid cartoon and a total kids show. It’s a crime. The Chinese versions are all right, not as bad, but the Japanese subbed versions are the BEST. ^__^

      But please do write a Clannad review! That would be great :D

      • I find that dubs kill the comedy. But, I still perfer them ’cause when I’m watching a subbed, I miss the whole because I have to read what they’re saying.

        Animes are DEFINITELY not cartoons! Big difference. xD

        And sure, I’ll write one~ I already have one typed up and posted on my blog on Arinafans. I’ll just re-post it here, okay?

  2. @ iireadmanga: No problem! Re-post as many as you like ^_^ That would be awesome (and a lot less work). Love reviews.
    HUGE difference!! And my brother actually said that animes and manga are the same thing. AS IF!! They couldn’t be more different! It would be the same thing as saying that books and movies are the same thing! And that’s not right, is it?

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