We have a new Writer (again, yay!)


Welcome, Sweetie-chan from Arinafans.com! :D So happy to have you here as the new author!

We’re all die hard Arina fans, you see. XD And CLAMP fans, let’s not forget that!


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      • I agree. The manga was wonderful, anime not so much… ;D

        By the way, a little off topic, but I was wondering if I could make you a new background for your blog x3 Not sure if this site supports custom made backgrounds, but if I could, that’d be awesome! I like making graphics and such….especially pink ones x3 (Just stalk ATFC…if the logo things are still there, you’ll see all my stuff xD)

  1. @ I know, the anime…. not so much XD
    Sure! It supports custom made backgrounds. You can upload your own background. :) You can make the background and send it to me by email. ^_^

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