First day of school – 7 hours and 30 minutes till my death.


11:30PM, I have school in the morning, I’m supposed to be asleep, but who cares? xD

Urg. I hate school, I prefer to stay on my laptop 24/7. (And don’t say I’m lazy. I’ve made a pact to myself to dance to Luka’s “Just Be Friends” everyday. =.=)

But I’m actually excited to see how this year turns out! Sort of.. You see, like Sweetie-chan, I moved over the summer, and now I’m going to a new school. I’ve met alot of the kids that will be attending my school this year over the summer, but none of them are really interested in anime/manga, and they’re abit loud. so I avoid them. Yes, I’m anti-social. Deal with it. xD

I did meet one otaku, though. But she’s like…way older than me. And she’s not a huge fan of shoujo, but she likes Vocaloid, so I’ll stick with her. Haha.

So, in celebration(?) of my future death, I would like to post some epic wallpaper. Some of them are not shoujo; some of them are Vocaloid and some are Clannad.

(If I go over the file limit, I’ll see if I can direct link ’em.)

My current wallpaper:

Hnng. Too lazy to add any more — I’ll do the rest later. =3=

Oh and Maria, maybe you could make a ‘School’ category, so the readers will know if we’re busy with homework and such, and they won’t have to worry about one of us not posting for awhile. ^^

This is iireadmanga, signing off!

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  1. Oh my God, I can totally relate! I am so shy, it takes me a while before I can actually start talking to people sort of normally, and even then I am still kind of, you know. Reserved XD And I don’t think any of them like anime or manga, plus yeah they are super outgoing. :) So I am scared to join in.

    I did move too from China (man, I can’t get used to going to an all american school with some international students). I just had a really tough day. I was crying my eyes out for the first half of the day, but I really like my dorm floor-mates and the teachers in residence, they’re really nice.

    I couldn’t stomach much food, although I did drink lots of water. What’s nice is that there are a really nice Chinese teacher living in a dorm nearby so I can drop by whenever. :)

    You met an otaku? Lucky! too bad she’s not into shoujo or your age. :(

    Well, good luck! :D Hope you guys all have a great day at school! (I’m still having a hard time settling in, sigh.)

    And yes, I will definitely add that category right away (good idea!) and fix the background up (thanks Sweetie-chan!). :)

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