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Hi!! I’m one of the new bloggers, Sweetie-chan! I’m a Canadian female, in grade eleven, and I recently moved to a new town! After my first day of school, today, I decided I should do a little something for Maria and the blog. Hope you don’t mind, Maria <3 <3

I’m happy to be able to write a bit about things I love~ And shoujo manga is one of my warm fuzzies x3 So I’ll write a review about one of my favorite shoujo mangas (and animes~), Kimi ni Todoke.

Storyline: (Borrowed from Wiki~)

Sawako Kuronuma, called Sadako by her classmates for her resemblance to the character from The Ring, has always been feared and misunderstood because of her appearance. There are rumors that Sawako can see ghosts and curse people. However, despite her appearances, she is a sweet and timid girl who longs to be able to make friends with everyone and be liked by everyone else. When her idol, popular boy Kazehaya, begins talking with her, everything changes. She finds herself in a new world, trying to make friends and talking to different people and she can’t thank Kazehaya enough for giving her these opportunities. Slowly, but surely, a sweet love is blossoming between the two as they will overtake any circumstance or clear obstacles in their way.

My Review:

The characters are probably what make KnT most worth reading. The whole cast is interesting, unique, and incredibly well developed. Sawako, as the main character, surprisingly, does not receive more attention than the other characters. Well, usually, she doesn’t. She is initially created as a misunderstood high school girl who is shy, sweet, and does one good thing a day. As the series progresses, her character develops and you see how much she lacks people skills, how she trusts everyone, and how she never questions what is told or shown to her. She is one of the few Mary Sues in a manga that you actually adore, and want to keep from all the bad things. Normally, I hate the “perfect” shoujo heroines. But Sawako is so adorable and sweet, you have to love her! Kazehaya, the main male, is a cute, nice, popular boy, but he also has his own struggles, such as how jealous he gets over Sawako being friends with two of her classmates later on, or how he can’t seem to express his feelings for Sawako. The story also focuses on Kazehaya’s friend Ryu, Sawako’s friends Chizuru and Ayane, Sawako’s “rival” in love, Ume, a teacher, and the complex relationships between all the characters.

Some of the characters are more for comedic relief, while others shift between cute and funny, but the manga never overloads you with “funny”. It gives you just enough that you don’t get a mushiness overdose. The primary focus of the manga is the relationship between Kazehaya and Sawako, but there are also story arcs that embrace other relationships and incidents, such as a friendship arc where rumours are spread about Chizuru and Ayane, and Sawako is forced to fix something that wasn’t even her fault, resulting in a heartfelt moment that near brings me to tears every time I read it. Even if you’ve never been in love, reading the scenes between Sawako, Chizuru and Ayane will make you feel fuzzy, because friendship is just as valuable as love. <3

The art, while a little bit more simplistic than most shoujo manga, is absolutely gorgeous,  with many different facial expressions associated with different characters, as well as cute, casual clothes, detailed, realistic hairstyles and careful attention to anatomy (I love manga that is anatomically correct~) Every page is adorned with the familiar bubbles, sparkles and flowers that we’ve all seen in shoujo, particularly the “sweet” moments. The covers of the books are absolutely gorgeous, with full color, multiple characters, and a cute little chibi of Sawako on the spine.

As for the plot…well, it mostly follows an arc storyline, along with the relationship between Sawako and Kazehaya. I love the plot, its something I can read again and again, because every time, I interpret little things slightly different and its inspirational for me. <3 <3 The plot is very character-development driven–as it progresses, new things about characters are revealed, and that leads to whatever happens next, which reveals more about a character, which then leads to a new plot, etc,  etc!

My final word is that everyone, weather a shoujo fan or not, should at least read the first chapter of Kimi ni Todoke. Even as a standalone chapter, its heartwarming enough to leave anyone optimistic and fuzzy. That said, I would give this manga 10/10, because there isn’t a single flaw in it! (The anime, however, is a different story…)

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  1. I was never the sort of person who read shojo, since I didn’t think stories like that were my thing. This series changed all that. ^_^

    This was a good review of the series, and it really sums up that undeniable charm the series has. I’m not sure if you should be calling Sawako a Mary Sue, though, since the fact that she can even HAVE character development means she isn’t perfect.

    • I think Mary Sue may be a bad term to have used, yes. I mean, Sawako was much rounder than most Mary Sues. But for lack of a better term, I used it. She’s a character who is so overwhelmingly good, and has just about no bad in her. I didn’t know what other word to use, I have a bad vocabulary. But you’re right, she does develop as a character and is not near as perfect as your typical Mary Sue. But, she does fall under the same “nice, smart, good” category as most Mary Sues. Agh! I’m confusing myself now xD

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