Moving in Day


Yeah, this doesn’t have much to do with anime (but somehow I’m twisting it so it is XD) but it’s moving in day: the day I move into my new dorm.

So starting with the long drive from early morning to noon, the scary lunch where we have to meet all the new students, and the even scarier orientation where you have to play icebreaker games with all the new students. Hurray for shy Maria, that will just be so much fun. D:

And that is why I will not be able to post much today at all. Just explaining. In case. Can one of you (sweetiechan or iireadmanga) post something today? Like a review? Ooh but then again it’s sweetiechan’s big day as well. Sigh. We’re all being forced to do move a long way. Me from China to the US! Imagine. I have to live in a foreign school where I know no one there. My parents won’t even be there to help.

OK, I have to go now.

Wish me luck…..


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  1. I remember my first day in the university just 3 months ago (since classes starts June in our place ^_^). I’m from the countryside and I was very nervous during my moving to my dorm in the big city. But it’s actually very fun now that I got the hang of college ^_^

    • WOw, classes starts in JUNE? when is your summer holiday???
      Good for you (about the college thing). I’m kind of having a tough time and I thought about dying for a little but I’ll live (for now). :P

      • Summer here is from April to May (usually starts by late March) since I’m from a tropical country. So summer vacation is April-May, and there’s a two-week Christmas vacation every December ^_^. If you noticed in my blog, I posted the summer-related post (the Mermaid Melody thing) during March (or was it April?) ^_^.
        Enjoy your new school and make lots of new friends! ^_^

  2. I post some stuff, no problem! I’ve been meaning to write a review for Angel Beats! anyway. Even though its not shoujo, it has an amazing story, and it was created by the ever-so-awesome KEY Studio. KEY and Arina works make me bawl like a newborn. xD

    • Lol, don’t they? Crying mangas are sweet. Have your read Zettai Kareshi? Very, very good ending (but also a teary one).
      Thanks so much for your help! :D

  3. Wow, awesome! Even though you’re in a foreign school alone, you’ll potentially have the best time of your life! My (Iranian) father went to Paris for university when he was 16 years old, and he was not only alone, but he also didn’t know a word of French. Although it’s hard, it’s an adventure! I hope this year goes great for you! :D

    • Thanks. :) It was terrible the first day, I was crying my eyes out and nobody else was, which sucked. School has officially started and I am feeling a bit better… There’s a bunch of weird American math terms I have no idea about so that’s going to be a problem. The other problem is that I have no idea how to use my graphing calculator! Everybody else does, so that’s…
      One good thing: I no longer obsess over my site hits! XD I care, but I do not obsess. Don’t get me wrong.

  4. hey maria long time no see. u r sooo sarcastic. Don’t worry i’m posting the thing i talked to you about on email. It just had so error uploading onto my computer. After its fixed i’m sure it’ll be ok. After a few months when i get my mac, i’ll make a movie about merchandise.
    Cheers XD

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