After a while… I see the most important difference between Americans and the Chinese


I’m sorry for not posting for SO long, I was having a hard time settling in. :) Yes, tears and despair and all that.

Anyway, the lack of otakuism here is just sad. Really. I swear, there is nobody here like me. I mean, some international students come to my room, see the posters and go: “Oh! I know that.” There’s a nice Japanese girl here (upperclassman though) who saw my Conan poster and got excited, but she’s probably not a shoujo fan.

One Chinese teacher did tell me she liked Kimi no Todoke. But Americans look at my posters and just ignore them, or give me a strange look…. and I find that depressing.

So now, I see the most important difference between Americans and the Chinese. In a Chinese classroom (including international), you can always find at least one person who likes anime and/or manga. I swear it. There were, like, four people in my old class back in China who liked anime (including me). Here, there is probably, like, maybe five at most per school in America.

So I just have to ask…



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  1. I’M HERE, I’M HERE! I don’t know what to post about! XD

    And I know right?! I live in Canada, and so far, I’ve only seen ONE person in my whole school (besides me) that likes anime. And she not an otaku, she just ‘likes’ it.

    Buuuut. I did get my whole class to listen to Vocaloid! I consider that huge here, since nobody knows what Vocaloid is and/or cares about it. It was in music class, and we were playing a game where you had to say your favorite artist on the beat. I said Miku Hatsune, of course, while everyone else said Katy Perry or Lil’ Wayne. Everybody messed up when they got to my name. xP

    My music teacher put World Is Mine by Miku on the big smartboard, so everyone could see the video. They didn’t even care that it was Japanese! Everyone started laughing when Miku kissed the guy. It was hilarious to see their reactions. I lip-synced the whole song. >_<

    -End of long post-

    • Wait, Miku kissed a guy in a music video? XD Really?? Cool!! I will try to check that one out.

      You know what I think? I think we should have one school that all people who love anime and manga go to. We’ll have normal classes and everything but lots of anime/manga clubs people can join like a Shoujo Club, Arina Tanemura Fan Club, etc. But of course, it would be great if it were a very good school, top notch education and all that…

      Anyway, I’m just upset that nobody shares my otakuism around here!! D: Like, some people “like” anime and manga but you can’t call yourself a real fan unless you’re obsessed. Seriously. Just “liking” an anime and manga is not fangirling. If you don’t even fangirl, then how does that even count???

      I don’t want to offend anyone here… I’m just pointing out the difference. I should do a post about this. One sec. If anyone’s offended check my new post.

  2. I’ve met a lot of people who like anime on my dorm floor. I’m surprised at how many people like anime at my school.

    Although yeah, as a whole there really aren’t that many otaku. In America, anime is a secondary hobby. For most people video games are their primary means of entertainment. So it’s not really surprising given the Nintendo and Playstation generations that you haven’t met many otaku.

    • There are international students, so thank God for that. International students, especially the Chinese and Japanese, all like some anime. There are some who LOVE anime, I am so happy to have found one (she’s not a shoujo fan, but she’s my type of person).

      All through farming today me and this girl from Beijing (the one I was talking about) starting talking non stop about how awful English dubs are, Conan, CLAMP and just anime in general. She convinced me to watch Hetalia. I am itching to. It’s hilarious! It just is. I watched for like five seconds and started laughing for no reason! XD

  3. lol.. this is SO like the way I was back in college… I was so depressed that I’d keep drawing anime pictures on the blackboard when nobody was around, scribble anime characters in my notebook and stick anime stickers on my textbook.. and was so so very desperate to have a company that, every time this guy (my bf now) tried to come and talk to me and show interest and everything, I would bug him the whole time talking about anime… eventually he knew everything about all my anime crushes.. lol.. that only amused him more instead of creeping him out…. dang.. my classmates would tell me I’d surely marry a jap guy in future.. sigh… your post SO describes my current state!

    • Doesn’t it? :( Good for you, you found somebody to vent it out to (who is now you’re best friend? Or boyfriend. I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure you meant best friend…).
      My parents were like: “Don’t marry a Japanese guy in the future, ok?” XD

  4. nah… I meant boyfriend… he’d try to woo me by buying manga and japanese magazines for me… LOL… guess that worked with me.. and yeah… my parents were like ‘We wouldn’t mind if you go for a Japanese guy’ XD

    • Lol, he did? That’s so sweet! You lucky girl XD
      My parents are Chinese, so they don’t really support marrying Japanese. They won’t disallow it, though. My brother’s the real grudge-holder here, though. He hates Japan. And I love Japan. So there. :P

  5. I see.. :O I can understand why the Chinese would hate them.. but anyway.. I’ve successfully converted my friend into anime fan.. even though she’s not a rabid fan, she fangirls a lot.. so tats enough for me XD

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