My first anime convention ( + Manila International Book Fair)


Hello minna!

kobato in the library

kobato in the library

Last September 17, my friends and I went to SM Mall of Asia (or simply MOA) to visit the Manila International Book Fair. With the book fair on the first level of SMX Convention Center, there was also the Best of Anime Convention on the third level. We decided, later that afternoon, to buy tickets and enter the B.o.A., even for only two hours.

The anime convention wasn’t really a thing for me, since the highlight of the day was actually only the Book Fair. I feel that I somehow wasted 150Php* for the Best of Anime entrance, contrary to the 15Php** entrance fee for the MIBF (Manila International Book Fair) which was really worth it.

There were very few booths in the anime event – I bought only a back issue of Otakuzine for 50Php*** and a neko necklace for 150Php. I should have taken photos of the cosplayers, but I didn’t bring my camera (my friend didn’t bring hers also) so I just admired their cuteness. We didn’t have any other photos in the event, except for this that I took with my cellphone camera:

best of anime convention

I took this photo because of the Detective Conan figures ^_^

My friend and I didn’t even stay in the event for two hours, and we decided to go back to the book fair and meet with our two other friends we left behind (they aren’t anime fans so they didn’t bother to spend 150Php for the anime convention).

The book fair was the best – it was all fun to hunt for books that can be bought at a low price. There are also rare books (which don’t have discounts). I bought some extra Harry Potter books (as a set): Quidditch Through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. There were no Tales of Beedle the Bard (I want that book!). I had a lot of buys in the fair ^_^

I’m looking forward to next year’s MIBF! ^_^


* 150Php = 3.33USD
** 15Php = .33USD
*** 50Php = 1.11USD

I updated my List page, so check it out ^_^ I’ve read lots of manga recently ^_^

Check out the original post here.

And my new ‘about’! You can read it below this post :)


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