Something New in Shoujo Love Triangles


Oh my God. This is the first time I have ever been completely at a loss to take sides in a love triangle. Me, being an intensive shoujo reader, just decided to read Marmalade Boy. I have read exactly five chapters.

Now I have no idea which couple to ship. And I know why I don’t.

In shoujo, Yuu would be the obvious choice. I mean, it’s pretty obvious Miki is going to end up with Yuu.

But… I can completely relate to Miki and Ginta’s relationship. I did something like that once. Openly saying to lots of people how you don’t see that person as a crush/love, even though you’ve always liked that person.

And I was in the position of Ginta. Unlike Ginta, though, I never got the chance to explain… It hurts as I’m reading it, not that I’m trying to

sound very dramatic.

Most people would be like: “it’s Yuu, obviously! Why would you even CONSIDER shipping Ginta x Miki? Ginta is an idiot and he deserves it!” If it weren’t for my relation to Ginta’s story, I could completely see myself saying that in forums, in my blog, and anywhere where somebody is discussing the love triangle in Marmalade Boy.

But I realize now that the “Ginta is an idiot and he deserves it” comment is not true at all. And that I have been completely unfair to Tadase. I’ve considered stepping in Amu’s shoes before, but I never really could relate to the whole crushing on the prince thing.

Ginta was in a tight situation, and he did what was natural. That set Miki off and she found somebody new to love. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Even when you like someone and he/she likes you back, sometimes it just doesn’t work.  I think he’s very brave for telling Miki about the misunderstanding. I could never do that.

Yes… I’m leaning towards Ginta x Miki, actually. It’s just one of those couples in manga that you can relate to and can’t help but feel for. It really hurts as I read about Ginta and the misunderstanding, and I think that it would hurt even more if he (that guy appertaining to me), like Miki, found somebody new to love. I would come to the conclusion that that person is better for him, but it would still hurt.

Although not all of us have this kind of experience, you should all think twice before saying some couple in anime sucks, before insulting that person who is getting in the way. Step into his/her shoes and think about it seriously. If you still want to put down the insult, then go ahead. But I hope that sooner or later that some people, especially the ones who forcefully oppose (as in using strong language) the annoying third wheels in romance manga, will find a couple in anime and manga that they can relate to, a couple that will obviously not prevail in the end, a couple to feel for and support even though the odds are against it.

And that concludes my post. I’m sorry if I depressed anyone, I don’t like to be too serious in my posts, but when I have to be serious, I am serious. I really regret what I did, I really can relate to Ginta, and I really hope you guys will think twice before disparaging some annoying person in anime/manga. I just want to convey that feeling. Thank you. :)

I am very interested to see how the mangaka will pull my position from being a Ginta x Miki shipper to a Yuu x Miki shipper, though. I sincerely hope she succeeds, because I dislike being on the obviously wrong side of a love triangle. ^_^

OK, now I just read the next few pages in chapter 6 and I think Ginta is mean. D:< I am completely on Yuu’s side now. I would never insult the person who my crush has chosen to love instead. That isn’t fair, and if he really liked Miki he would have straightened it out before or at least respected her decision or something.

I don’t take what I said back (the thinking twice thing), but I think that Ginta is terrible.  I think Ginta had no right to say what he said. I mean, telling Yuu that looking at him makes him sick?? How uncalled for! Such a sore loser. Miki has chosen Yuu, and you should respect that! Ok, technically she hasn’t chosen Yuu yet, but it’s pretty obvious that she will.

OK, that concludes this post XD Sorry about how this ended, I was going to end it on a sad and serious note but I just can’t help but add this after reading the next chapter. Ginta, doing what you did won’t make Miki like you again, you know. :(

I think it’s just so funny how my opinion can change in an instant XD


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  1. Its been a while since I finished Marmalade Boy, but if there was one thing that was always on my mind was the taboo undertones between miki and yuu. Lets just say the ending is a rollercoaster of wtf.

    Also on the note of Love Triangles there was a manga I read recently that had me guessing on who the girl was going to pick, Koko ni iru yo, and I am pretty sure i was wrong at the end.

    • Was the ending a rollercoaster of wtf in a good way or a bad way? Please tell me it’s in a good way! Like the Arina endings?
      Ok, Koko ni iru yo will definitely be next on my list to read, after Marmalade boy. :) Thanks for telling me!! :D
      Oh wait, I realize that I have read a bit of that. Yes, I would see why you would guess for that one XD

      • Good, I believe but I can not remember why exactly, well there is one reason I know why but that would spoil the ending. However I was not dissatisfied so yes enjoy with my very vague response :P

  2. @ Shevy: you know, I was curious and picked out a random chapter near the end and read the beginning just to see how things developed between Yuu and Miki. I was curious to see how Ginta fell (it was obvious he would, duh so I figured it wouldn’t ruin it that much).
    Guess what, I just happened to pick the one where the blood related sibling issue was resolved and ruined the ending all by myself. :)

    • Noooooooooooooooooo (I actually said that out load to my monitor :P ) I am so sorry… that was the one most unique/interesting things about the manga that I enjoyed mostly because I am sucker for twists like that.

      Oh well hopefully it will still be a fun read.

    • Haha sorry I’m being so extra but I posted a comment on one of ur other older posts on Why we .< I totally love the series but cant seem to find the manga in our local bookstores etc :P

      • i know you did, i remember replying but how come it didn’t process??
        anyway, as i said (sort of), I’m from China (and we only get jap manga in Chinese there, pretty much). I don’t know about Singapore, I’ve never been (though my parents have).
        if you ever visit the US though, Barnes & Noble and Borders have manga. You can order from Amazon or, if you use that in singapore? Do you read Chinese?

  3. It’s funny, Marmalade Boy was one of the first shojo romantic comedies I’d ever watched and it was completely engrossing. I remember that the only time I was able to truly sympathize with Miki was when she was torn between Ginta and Yuu – I could completely relate to her feelings of not being able to commit to Ginta yet at the same time not wanting to let him go. So even though I’ve read and watched plenty of shojo since then (some which are honestly better) Marmalade Boy is a personal favorite of mine.

    • Marmalade Boy is awesome, but I’m wondering about Natchan and Meiko’s relationship… :P Care to give me some hints?
      Try Arina Tanemura’s manga too, if you haven’t already!!

  4. @maria yeah I do read chinese but my chinese is really quite bad >.< oh okay thanks but i wont be gg to the US for awhile yet :P in any case, thanks for the websites! are the manga they sell new and in english? :\

  5. Sorry this is so late…Regarding Meiko and Nachan, let’s just say you’ll be happy if you like student-teacher relationships. However, if you continue the series, another character may make you change your mind about the couple…(I won’t say any more). As for Arina Tanemura, I’ve read a couple of her short stories, which were cute, and I think Full Moon o Sagashite has a really interesting (and sad) premise.

    • i love student-teacher relationships. is the character you’re talking about ______ (SPOILER AHEAD, skip this if any of you haven’t read it) m__a __t_s_i?

      You can figure that out right? I don’t want any one who doesn’t want the story to be spoiled to know so I just put that. If you guys don’t wanna know, then don’t try to decipher it ok???

      love arinacchi’s one shots. love her big completed works even more!!

      • Yup, I’m talking about Miwa. He was probably my favorite male character in the series (and my favorite female character was Arimi. At least she knew what she wanted).

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