Huge Spoiler, don’t read unless you’ve finished Marmalade Boy


Yuu is so f***ed up!! D:< What the hell is with all this assuming and recklessness? He looked at some pictures, assumed right away that Miki’s dad was his dad as well, and then broke Miki’s heart! I thought it was annoying he kept assuming Satoshi’s dad was his dad as well and with Eisaku as well. D: But now!!! He should at least confirm it before breaking up with Miki! What the hell is wrong with this guy???

REALLY? Even if they used to be lovers, that doesn’t mean that Miki’s dad is YOUR dad! Because he ISN’T god damn it!!!!! D: You owe a serious apology to Miki. You owe her more than just a ring, you owe her a lot of tears!!!!!!

I’m so mad at this guy I could punch the screen. I know what happens, I know they’re not actually blood related siblings, so the way he is acting is really making me mad.


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    • I know, right? I get so frustrated when guys do things like this because they’re too selfless, only it makes Ikuto really awesome and Yuu just plain stupid :( Grr. Poor Miki!

      I’m trying to convert one of my new friends at my new school into an Arina fan. She’s a Clannad fan and she’s converting me into one, so I’m converting her too :P

  1. Chill girl :) i know how u feel although i dont read/watch this series >.< haha but i get the way you feel :D so frustrated but so helpless :P well dont go crazy kay? xP

    • Ha ha I didn’t go crazy, I just got really pissed at Yuu, that’s all… He redeemed himself in the end though. I hate it when the guys do stupid things because they are too selfless… even though it makes Ikuto awesome and Yuu just plain stupid.

  2. You’d think Yuu would have learned his lesson the first time around. He really should have confronted his parents about it much earlier; I never felt like he had a good reason not to. Miki was always paranoid and jealous (especially in the anime), but I do think she deserved Yuu to tell her about the pictures before just jumping to a conclusion and breaking up with her. Or at least getting a DNA test, lol.

    • Me too, I think it was horrible of Yuu to jump to conclusions and break her heart just like that. I really wanted to slap him when he did that. WHAT WAS HE THINKING???
      I mean, he thought two people were his fathers and was wrong, so you’d think he’d be more careful about it the third time. Jeez. >:(

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