CLAMP Designs Wedding Dress Based on CardCaptor Sakura


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Anime News Network:

Dress to be displayed in fashion show during Tokyo Bridal Festa 2011

The official website for the manga creator team CLAMP announced on Friday that a wedding dress that CLAMP designed in the motif of Cardcaptor Sakura will be on display at the Tokyo Bridal Festa 2011 event at the Tokyo Big Sight event center from December 23 to December 24.

The haute couture produced dress will be shown on stage during a fashion show on both days. In addition, art panels with Cardcaptor Sakura andChobits designs by CLAMP will be on display at the event.

[Via 0takomu]

Omg I need to see this… CLAMP designing a wedding dress???? And what’s more, it’s a wedding dress based on CCS!! They have to draw a poster of Sakura wearing it!! That would just make my Christmas :D

I wonder if anybody will get married in it. I hope, if anyone does, that it’s CLAMP CCS fan. I bet it would make that somebody’s life.




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