And I Thought… (Hiyokoi spoiler) + My Rant about Shoujo




And I thought Hiyokoi wouldn’t follow the pattern of average shoujo manga. I mean, sure, it was getting really close with the childhood friend possible romance business and all but it surprised me because Kisaki was actually genuinely nice to Hiyori and from the beginning Natsuki was completely ruled out…


And here the popular, always-shapelier-than-the-main-character, super-annoyingly-clingy love rival stereotype pops up. After 10 chapters of awesome-not-romance-yet-but-kinda-like-it between Hiyori and Yuushin.

What I like about this manga is that Yuushin, unlike most male leads in shoujo manga, doesn’t do an overload of flirting and doesn’t make himself higher than anybody. He can be sort of placed in the “bad boy” area because of his constant rule breaking and carelessness but he is such a popular and nice guy and is on great terms with everybody, so he deviates from the shoujo couple stereotype. And although Hiyori is a weak character that I can see people getting very fed up at, I can relate to her so much and she isn’t one of those overly energetic, outspoken shoujo girls who are full of “I will change myself and make friends or this is the end” crap. Ahem ahem. Rockin’ Heaven. Obaka-chan Koigatariki. I mean, Hiyori wants to change herself and make friends too but at least she’s nice about it and doesn’t have a huge sob story that she keeps referring back to.

And I have mixed feelings about Kou… He was an asshole at the beginning and sometimes he still is but sometimes he acts nice so I’m not sure if he’s putting up an act and secretly just hates everybody or he’s actually nice…? And I don’t know how he’ll play into the story. This is intriguing. He better not steal Hiyori away from Yuushin though. I will get VERY upset.


Ok, I’m overreacting. I’ve read hundreds of shoujo manga. Yuushin will end up with Hiyori. IT’S JUST THAT SHOUJO MANGAKAS LOVE AGGRAVATING THEIR READERS WITH A TON OF CRAP IN THE MIDDLE, TOYING WITH US BY PUTTING THESE ANNOYING CHARACTERS IN BECAUSE THE MAIN CHARACTER WON’T BE ABLE TO CONFESS TO THE GUY SHE LIKES AND START A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM OTHERWISE. ARGHHHHHH. This is why I love Arina Tanemura. She doesn’t do this (albeit a little bit, but subtly and not in an annoying typical shoujo way and makes it a good read). Furuba too. Never forget Furuba.

I love Hiyokoi. It’s so much better, in my opinion, than manga like Dengeki Daisy and Stardust Wink. Just saying. Feel free to disagree with me… but honestly? Stardust Wink- childhood friend, love triangle, blah blah blah. Been there, done that. Not in the least bit original. Great art. Okay-ish story. Not wasting my time with it. Dengeki Daisy- why is this so popular? The beginning wasn’t half bad, but it just went on. And on. I don’t even remember what happened last time I read it.

I know it sounds like I hate shoujo manga right now… but I really don’t. Trust me, I really don’t. I love shoujo manga to death. GOOD shoujo. All that bad shoujo out there is the reason why people like Anna (my friend) hate shoujo- they turn away because of some crappy ones they read and didn’t like and assume the rest are like that, and are so closed off to the idea of the existence of any good shoujo that it’s completely impossible to get them to even look at the cover. It like: ugh it’s shoujo *SHUN*… And: “no Maria I am NOT reading that sappy bullshit”

But then again they’d never learn to love shoujo for its predictability, those sweet moments between the (right) couple, the awesome best friend characters, the side pairings and of course, the progression of the main couple’s relationship. Obviously. Whatever people tell you, shoujo is all about the relationship between the main couple. Every character and event the mangaka puts in affects their relationship in some way. Unless it’s a bad manga. This is why shoujo anime always sucks in comparison to its manga version because anime has countless pointless filler characters and episodes and such that just mess up the plot and ruin the whole story.

Ok, I’m done. Haha and this post was supposed to be about Hiyokoi. Fail XD Major off-topic ranting here…


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  1. This rant…. is right. The intro with the ALL CAPS FUCK YOU is awesome. I don’t know a lot about shoujo or what you’re talking about, but great job. Thanks for explaining to me why I can’t get into Shoujo anime.

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