Happy Birthday Graruru


Hi!!! It’s Graruru’s birthday!! Sorry this is late because I didn’t figure out the whole email thing and of course there’s that time difference).


This is what I would give you as a present (if I could):

Thanks for always reading my blog (even though I know you’re not a fan of shoujo) and always skyping me and fb :))))). You’re a really interesting person and I hope you know that! You’re a good debater, whatever you think –> you’ve got lots of opinions. Thank you for your insights and have a great birthday :)

Sorry this is short I will edit this later: just trying to make it on the day :)))))) Maria

About Maria

I love shoujo and Arina Tanemura! Visit my shoujo blog here: https://shoujo1daisuki.wordpress.com I've also started a new blog: http://throwmebackintojune.wordpress.com

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  1. That awkward moment when you realize you’re birthday wasn’t wished by your own co-blogger. (Not that I’d expect you to know my birthday or anything! S-sorry…I was just pointing it out..)

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