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Clannad and Hyouka- Comparing first impressions


Hey, my friend is making me watch Fullmetal Alchemist (which is pretty good, by the way) and this reintroduction to anime (after months of abandonment) has motivated me to reboot my blog. So you can thank my friend for that. My other friend, however, introduced two animes to me over the year. One is Clannad, and the other is Hyouka. She gave me a few episodes, and I found myself laughing and analyzing how similar my first impressions for both animes are. So here it is. The detailed comparison of the first episodes of Clannad and Hyouka. It’ll probably take me forever to finish watching Hyouka and I’ve only watched one season of Clannad, so I won’t try and compare the two animes as a whole.

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Petite Princess Yucie


AKA Puchi Puri Yuushi

This anime is really cute! Like, seriously! I could go on for eight pages about how great it is, but I’m going to keep it simple this time around. I’ll cover the five basics: Animation, Sound, Characters, Plot and Overall.

Animation:  One of the most charming things about PPY is that it has really awesome animation! Cutesy outfits, clean coloring and otherwise fabulous animating make for a great visual presentation. Sometimes, certain angles make faces look strange or inhuman, but most anime do have moments like that. The character designs are somewhat cliche (Grenda is a mini-Urd, Elmina is a typical angel-b****) but also alluring and wonderful in their own way. The backgrounds are detailed, but not too much that they overwhelm, and the touch of glitter and pink at the girly moments is just perfect!

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After a while… I see the most important difference between Americans and the Chinese


I’m sorry for not posting for SO long, I was having a hard time settling in. :) Yes, tears and despair and all that.

Anyway, the lack of otakuism here is just sad. Really. I swear, there is nobody here like me. I mean, some international students come to my room, see the posters and go: “Oh! I know that.” There’s a nice Japanese girl here (upperclassman though) who saw my Conan poster and got excited, but she’s probably not a shoujo fan.

One Chinese teacher did tell me she liked Kimi no Todoke. But Americans look at my posters and just ignore them, or give me a strange look…. and I find that depressing.

So now, I see the most important difference between Americans and the Chinese. In a Chinese classroom (including international), you can always find at least one person who likes anime and/or manga. I swear it. There were, like, four people in my old class back in China who liked anime (including me). Here, there is probably, like, maybe five at most per school in America.

So I just have to ask…