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Favorite OTPs!!!!! >__<


For those who do not know what OTPs are, I will explain ^__^

OTP= One True Pairing

Though I believe you are allowed to have more than one OTP. Since I have A LOT. XD But it’s not like OTPs are just any pairing you support. OTPs are the ones that you support like CRAZY.

And I will be listing my TOP faves here!!! I will not list most favorites to least favorites because that’s not fair, since it really depends how long it has been since I’ve watched that anime or read that manga. So the ones here are the ones I still feel strongly for, despite having watched the anime or read the manga a super long time ago.

Btw, these pics and pairings do not belong to me. I’m just putting them here and commenting on them!! :D I have linked them to where I got them from, so please forgive me if I not following the rules properly. I am really hazy about copyright.

Ok, here we go!

USAGI X MAMORU from Sailor Moon

I’ve always loved this couple. Their relationship was so sweet in the first season, which was the only one I completed watching. I only watched bits of the second and third because the DVDs I bought were sort of in mixed order, and I wasn’t too keen on the “Chibiusa steals Mamoru part” to continue.

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Pink, Blue/Black & Blonde Love Triangle


Every story writer tries to make all their characters have different colored hair. Why? I think it’s pretty obvious why. To make their characters all different (duh) and give them individuality, plus more variety is always better. :) And you don’t want couples who look a lot alike walking around in manga, novels or anime, that’s boring.

So anime producers and manga artists do the same. Except, in the manganime world, hair color gets a bit more… creative. If you know what I mean. :P

Therefore, love triangles in anime often consist of three characters with pink, black/blue and blonde hair.

Why? Well, they’re most contrasting three colors for anime/manga hair!


Pink hair is used on female anime characters almost all the time, because it is kawaii ^__^ look at all the pretty pink haired anime girls, e.g. Amu, Lacus Clyne, Hinagiku, etc.

Blue and black are used on the male most of the time, especially dark blue and black, because it looks cool :)

And blonde is sometimes used on a girl and sometimes a boy, so you could call it the unisex color. :P

Take a look at these animes:

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