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Sorry this is late but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ^_^


Hi Steph! :D Sorry this is four days late! Better late than never, though. :P

8 august: on plane all through your b-day, 9 august: still on plane, got off, no internet, 10 august: finally got internet in the afternoon, but was busy because forgot to do anime of the week for a long time and went back to sleep because of jetlag, 11 august: train to new york till the afternoon and then had dinner with brother’s girlfriend :P then went to sleep because of jetlag.

So today, the twelfth, I decided to throw you an awesome anime-themed imaginary birthday party on this blog! It’s your second birthday party, counting the one you had on Monday. :)

Here’s your cake… ^_^

Lots of cream that you like :) And ichigo too. But you get another one because I feel like it!

And heaps of prezzies, including:


And awesome Japanese seifuku too!! :D

You get your hair braided like this, Maria-style:

I would’ve loved to braid it myself but hey, I’m in New York. :P

And here’s all the people who attend your party!

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