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CLAMP’s Wedding Dress Revealed


So it’s out! CLAMP’s wedding dress designed based on CardCaptor Sakura. And they featured Sakura and Chii wearing it, just like I wanted them to. They would have anyway.

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a very cute dress, but this clearly isn’t a wedding dress. It definitely looks wedding-related on Sakura in the art panel, but the real life version just looks like a one of the nicer cosplay costumes of Chii’s outfits from Chobits, not at all like an actual wedding dress. This is actually more like a bridesmaid’s outfit, not the bride’s outfit. This could’ve been a side piece, in addition to the actual dress.

I was expecting something more 华丽. It’s really CLAMP’s Chobits/CCS style but if you’re going to design an actual wedding dress you’d make it much longer and less cutesy, wouldn’t you? It’s supposed to be a bridal gown, not a bridesmaid’s outfit. I can’t really see anybody getting married in this.

At least it looks cuter worn on the model.

This is really pretty, though. They really should just make another wedding dress with a full skirt and incorporate this into the design. That, I think, would be a gorgeous wedding dress and perfect for an CLAMP-crazy otaku couple to get married in! ^_^


Happy Birthday Graruru


Hi!!! It’s Graruru’s birthday!! Sorry this is late because I didn’t figure out the whole email thing and of course there’s that time difference).


This is what I would give you as a present (if I could):

Thanks for always reading my blog (even though I know you’re not a fan of shoujo) and always skyping me and fb :))))). You’re a really interesting person and I hope you know that! You’re a good debater, whatever you think –> you’ve got lots of opinions. Thank you for your insights and have a great birthday :)

Sorry this is short I will edit this later: just trying to make it on the day :)))))) Maria



Hello everyone~! iiReadManga here!

I may not be able to post on/lurk this blog very often. I’m doing a few projects right now, but I’ll try to be quick with them. If you really want know what they are, I posted them on dA.

Yup, I want to be the voice of Lapis Aoki. :’D You get to to Tokyo and have your voice used with Vocaloid! What more could anyone want?!

And also, I need to think of a cosplay to do at a con this summer (2012). Any ideas? (Shoujo, please. <3)

I’ll be on here as much as I can! <3

~ ♥