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Learning Japanese- When Manga is Your Textbook



Manga is a surprisingly good textbook for those who are too lazy to study but are really up for learning Japanese. It’s like a picture book, easy to read, but with plot lines and characters that can compare to actual novels. It’s great to help you get used to reading Japanese and get used to Japanese speech as well. But only that. It should be used as a stepping stone to actual Japanese books.

We foreigners are actually really lucky because we get praised for being able to read Japanese manga, when Japanese students are scolded for reading too much manga. You all know what I mean.

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Oh, it’s shiny! Wait, what was I doing again? (via yuzuhoney)


I’m trying to memorize Japanese Kana :P

I’m using Anki too! Here’s a good grammar website:

And there’s a grammar deck on Anki, you should try it. But you have to be able to read all Japanese Kana, since there’s no romaji or anything. I had a hard time with it, so I decided to use it when I have all the kana down.

I suck at grammar too, but at least speaking is not totally failing! :)


I’ve decided I just may have the worst concentration of anyone not diagnosed with ADD. I want to study. I really do. I want to be that person who cracks open a book and can study for hours on end. More often than not, trying to study from either my “Grammar” or “Reading Comprehension” JLPT textbooks leaves my mind wandering off somewhere until I realize, oh shit, I’m supposed to be concentrating. Other times, after a bad day at work I decide I de … Read More

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Stupid fashion is universal (via yuzuhoney)


Haha, that’s true. Japanese people would never wear urusei yatsura t-shirts, unless they’re otakus. Which I am. I would totally die for an Arinacchi manga t-shirt!!! Don’t throw it away!! :D

Stupid fashion is universal Who knew the simple act of wearing a Urusei Yatsura T-shirt to bed would spark a culture mini battle? For those who have not experienced the joy of Uresei Yatsura, just know that it’s a delightful little gem of a 70’s manga turned anime written by Takahashi Rumiko (also known for creating Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha). While I’m not a total otaku, I do have a soft spot for the works of Ms. Takahashi and seized the chance to get a limited edition Uniqlo … Read More

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