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First day of school – 7 hours and 30 minutes till my death.


11:30PM, I have school in the morning, I’m supposed to be asleep, but who cares? xD

Urg. I hate school, I prefer to stay on my laptop 24/7. (And don’t say I’m lazy. I’ve made a pact to myself to dance to Luka’s “Just Be Friends” everyday. =.=) Read the rest of this entry

Moving in Day


Yeah, this doesn’t have much to do with anime (but somehow I’m twisting it so it is XD) but it’s moving in day: the day I move into my new dorm.

So starting with the long drive from early morning to noon, the scary lunch where we have to meet all the new students, and the even scarier orientation where you have to play icebreaker games with all the new students. Hurray for shy Maria, that will just be so much fun. D:

And that is why I will not be able to post much today at all. Just explaining. In case. Can one of you (sweetiechan or iireadmanga) post something today? Like a review? Ooh but then again it’s sweetiechan’s big day as well. Sigh. We’re all being forced to do move a long way. Me from China to the US! Imagine. I have to live in a foreign school where I know no one there. My parents won’t even be there to help.

OK, I have to go now.

Wish me luck…..