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All the announcements of this blog! v.v. important

First day of school – 7 hours and 30 minutes till my death.


11:30PM, I have school in the morning, I’m supposed to be asleep, but who cares? xD

Urg. I hate school, I prefer to stay on my laptop 24/7. (And don’t say I’m lazy. I’ve made a pact to myself to dance to Luka’s “Just Be Friends” everyday. =.=) Read the rest of this entry

SMA Announcement- Cease to Anime of the Week


When school starts, I will not be able to do Anime of the Week every Friday, since I will have Sunday classes as well. So I think it would be best if I don’t do Anime of the Week during the school year.

I will try my best to keep blogging during the school year, but I will most definitely not be able to post every single day like I do in the summer holidays, so I’m sorry! :) This is a really time consuming hobby, after all.

The anime I am currently watching is Chobits. I will probably watch Hanasaku Iroha next, or Kobato. I haven’t made that decision yet. Anyone care to make a few suggestions for good animes to watch (shoujo please)?

Thankfully, I have Sweetie-chan, iireadmanga, Alyssa Mihara and Lily to help me, so thanks you guys! :D




Hello everyone~! iiReadManga here!

I may not be able to post on/lurk this blog very often. I’m doing a few projects right now, but I’ll try to be quick with them. If you really want know what they are, I posted them on dA.

Yup, I want to be the voice of Lapis Aoki. :’D You get to to Tokyo and have your voice used with Vocaloid! What more could anyone want?!

And also, I need to think of a cosplay to do at a con this summer (2012). Any ideas? (Shoujo, please. <3)

I’ll be on here as much as I can! <3

~ ♥

Hello everyone!


Hi! I’m one of the new writers, iireadmanga! I’m super-excited to start blogging here, finally there’s a place where I can rant/rave on different shoujo anime! (Which is basically all I watch, except for when it comes to Fantasy and Drama.)

I’m a huge Arina Tanemura fan, along with a CLAMP fan, and Nana Haruta. I love different mangakas too, but they really aren’t in the same genre.

If anyone wondered, my fave anime of all time (not just shoujo!) are:


Full Moon wo Sagashite

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne


And there’s more, I just don’t have the time to put them all down.

Well, I hope to post alot and stay on top!

School starts on the 7th for me, but I’ll post as much as I can to help Maria and the others!

See ya later!

SMA Announcement- Summer Countdown


For those of you who don’t already know, I love making up rules for my blog! ;)


Starting August 24th, we will start the official Summer Countdown! Summer’s nearly over and soon we’ll be back in our desks. Studying.

Bleh. :P

For those who already have jobs, you will be doing what you like, I hope?

Anyway. For the SUMMER COUNTDOWN, I will be posting ___ Days till Summer Ends and a special manganime post to go with it! :D

Here’s the list:

22th: 10 Days till Summer Ends- Manganime Characters You are Most Similar To (or wish you were)

23rd: Vacancy, I’m busy that day.

24th: 8 Days till Summer Ends- Manganime Characters You Don’t Understand or just Can’t Work out

25th: 7 Days till Summer Ends- Manganime Characters You Hate

26th: 6 Days till Summer Ends- Manganime Characters You Love

27th: 5 Days till Summer Ends- Best Scenes in Shoujo History

28th: 4 Days till Summer Ends- Your Manganime Crushes (ooh)

29th: 3 Days till Summer Ends- Your Favorite Mangakas

30th: 2 Days till Summer Ends- Favorite Pokemon (I want Stephanie to do this with me)

31st: Last Day of Summer- Summer Manganime Pictures: Let’s be filled with nostalgia

Whoo! It all begins on the 24th!