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New York Anime/Manga Otaku Hotspot- Kinokuniya Bookstore


If you’re like me and are not just an anime/manga otaku, but a all round Japan lover, then one place you must go to in New York is the Kinokuniya Bookstore.

I looooooooove this place!!!!!!!

Three floors of pure otaku heaven, it has Japanese and English books/magazines, Japanese and English manga, anime, Japanese music, t-shirts, Japanese food and a whole floor of Japanese culture souvenirs.

It’s not just a bookstore, it’s a Japan-themed bookstore!! Some stuff it has:
-cute stationary
-Japanese souvenirs
-felt make-it-yourself packets
-Japanese music
-architecture & design books
-Japanese and English books/magazines
-t shirts
-some anime figurines and other merchandise (not a LOT, but it’s there)
-an awesome cafe that sells Japanese bentos and onigiri, coffee and tea

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Dolphins, Sea Lions and Mosquitoes! 2nd Day in Tokyo


Man, what a day! But because I did my homework well last night, today was not as tiring as yesterday was!!! :D

We successfully took the train to Komagome! And even managed to walk all the way to Rikugien Garden, only asking for directions once! Well, the signs helped, but they’re in Japanese and I wouldn’t have known it meant Rikugien Garden if I hadn’t done research last night! So clap, clap clap…

Rikugien is pretty, I guess, and very GREEN. It must be a good place to visit in the autumn, or maybe the spring when you can see the sakura flowers!!! By Sakura, I mean cherry blossom, but everybody should know that, since it’s Japan’s national flower. :) Anime and manga otakus especially!

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Where’s Mandarake? 1st day in Tokyo!


After a 3 hour flight (which I slept through) in the morning and a one hour bus ride from Haneda Airport to Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, the lady at the reception couldn’t find our reservation and wasted some time before just giving us the room anyway. Then we threw out luggage in the room and left to go to Mandarake (Shibuya).

I am going to quote text from my journal, which I was writing in whenever I had the chance:

“We’re off the plane now, and I’m finding it absolutely hilarious watching them speak such fast Japanese to my completely clueless mother. It’s so cute! It’s so fun to be in a country where you don’t understand the language. I love Tokyo :)” – Maria at Haneda Airport

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I’m off!


It’s 6:25 am right now and I’m feeling kinda sick because I slept at 12 last night. But it’s not big deal since I feel sick when I don’t get enough sleep all the time.

Well, actually, it only started this summer, but whatever, I expected it.

I slept at 12 because we were watching a good Chinese TV Show and it went up till 10:30 because they had to broadcast 4 instead of 2 episodes last night, since they didn’t broadcast the two episodes yesterday to report more info on the train accident (the train crashed into the one in front and it broke off and practically fell off the railway, which was a good 20/30meters aboveground!!!). Then we had to do some extra packing, since we only packed clothes the night before.
Well, we gotta leave at 7 am so I have to go eat breakfast. ^__^

The next time I will be posting will probably be at the hotel!!