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SMA Announcement- Cease to Anime of the Week


When school starts, I will not be able to do Anime of the Week every Friday, since I will have Sunday classes as well. So I think it would be best if I don’t do Anime of the Week during the school year.

I will try my best to keep blogging during the school year, but I will most definitely not be able to post every single day like I do in the summer holidays, so I’m sorry! :) This is a really time consuming hobby, after all.

The anime I am currently watching is Chobits. I will probably watch Hanasaku Iroha next, or Kobato. I haven’t made that decision yet. Anyone care to make a few suggestions for good animes to watch (shoujo please)?

Thankfully, I have Sweetie-chan, iireadmanga, Alyssa Mihara and Lily to help me, so thanks you guys! :D


SMA Announcement- Heroine of the Month


Yay, I just made up another rule!

So far, the rules I have made up:

-Monthly Stat Report

-Anime of the Week (oh, shoot, I forgot to do it on Friday.)

-SMCT (which only Steph and I know about, for now)

-I can only review if manga/anime is completed and I have finished watching it.

So now, I’m adding Heroine of the Month.

OK, I made up another rule just now on the spot. I will do Heroine of the Month always on the 30th of each month (whether it’s the last day or not). It will be posted on the page Heroine of the Month. There will be no Anime of the Week when it’s Heroine of the Month.

Otherwise I’d totally run out of animes to do.

In the long run.

Thank you guys! Thanks Lily, for being such an awesome commenter!