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Newfound Appreciation for Ginta


Yes, this is what happens when I am reading a manga and I have nothing else to say… I post on and on about it XD

So I’ll make this short. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

This manga or picture does not belong to me, I got it from the internet (namely Mangafox.com) and I linked it back to where I got it from. :)

I guess it counts as a spoiler, but most people know what was going to happen anyway :P I think this was a very sweet page and I just wanted to put it up here so more people who haven’t read Marmalade Boy will and so the people who have will smile :)


Something New in Shoujo Love Triangles


Oh my God. This is the first time I have ever been completely at a loss to take sides in a love triangle. Me, being an intensive shoujo reader, just decided to read Marmalade Boy. I have read exactly five chapters.

Now I have no idea which couple to ship. And I know why I don’t.

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What Makes Shoujo So Darn Lovable?


Hope this is okay x3

Ever since the early 1900s, Japanese Manga-ka have been creating Shoujo manga for girls and young women. They were a lot smaller than they are now, we didn’t have the extensive twenty-five volume series’ we have now. They were one-page, two-page, sometimes three-page comic strip featured in girls’ magazines. Just as the popularity was dwindling, however, the beloved Manga-ka Osamu Tezuka (Known best for Astro Boy), began publishing the legendary “Princess Knight.” It totaled six volumes, as well as inspiring an anime series, running 52 episodes and a feature length film.

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