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Newfound Appreciation for Ginta


Yes, this is what happens when I am reading a manga and I have nothing else to say… I post on and on about it XD

So I’ll make this short. A picture is worth a thousand words, after all.

This manga or picture does not belong to me, I got it from the internet (namely Mangafox.com) and I linked it back to where I got it from. :)

I guess it counts as a spoiler, but most people know what was going to happen anyway :P I think this was a very sweet page and I just wanted to put it up here so more people who haven’t read Marmalade Boy will and so the people who have will smile :)


Why We <3 Arinacchi!!! (New and improved, deleted the old one)


Arina Tanemura is the best mangaka in the world! Her art is amazing and her stories are freaking FANTASTIC and I love all her characters to pieces!!!!!! >__<

She is a LEGEND.

I dare you to disagree.

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The Best One-shots in the world?


If you people don’t know already, one-shots are the best kind of manga. They’re short (often only one chapter), concise (no complications and filler-free), and often the most awesome stories ever! There are hundreds of one-shots out there waiting for me to read, but for now, let’s just stick with introducing my favorites.

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