What is Tsundere and its Variations?


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What is Tsundere?

Nagi!!!!! XD

Tsundere is actually a term derived by fans to classify a type of anime character that is becoming more common, usually a female lead. It is the combination of two words –tsuntsun and deredere.” – Neko Kyou

Tsundere is a Japanese term referring to a character (mostly female but male examples do exist) who “runs hot and cold”, alternating between two distinct moods: tsuntsun (aloof or irritable) and deredere (lovestruck).” – TVtropes

So let’s talk about what makes up the word first:


TsunTsun is used to describe characters that are hostile, tough, and often egotistical. They are hard, proud, headstrong, very ambitious and very confident. A good example would be Haruhi Suzumiya. :P

“The tsuntsun can range from the “silent treatment” to “lovestruck kindergartener who pushes you into the sandbox.” The reasons behind a Tsundere’s behavior vary widely. Some are reasonable justifications. Others simply flow from the conflict between her feelings about the object of her affections and her reactions to having them, such as embarrassment or frustration at being so attracted to that boy, particularly if he has certain personality quirks or behaviors that infuriate her. She may not even realize that she is attracted to him, and conversely reject his compliments of her.” – TVtropes


“Deredere is the opposite of tsuntsun. A deredere character is often uncertain and needs a push to get going. Nerine from Shuffle! and Mikuru from Suzumiya Haruhi can be considered as deredere characters.” – Neko Kyou

Deredere are the sweet, generous kind that are, yes, sometimes uncertain.


“Now we have tsundere, the combination of both tsuntsun and deredere traits. A tsundere is a person who starts off with a tsuntsun type personality but ends up with a deredere personality.” – Neko Kyou

So basically, Tsundere are the type of people who appear or start off as hard, ambitious and confident, often striking others down. Then they slowly warm up to the rest of the characters and start showing signs of deredere, developing feelings for a character and often blushing and being stubborn. XD

OK, now let’s get to the two main types of Tsundere. It all depends on which part of the tsundere (tsuntsun or deredere) is the public face and which comes out when triggered:

Type Tsun: These Tsundere have tsuntsun as their default mood, meaning they usually act tough and confident and strong, but it takes something special to trigger their deredere side. Type Tsuns are often heard saying something along the lines of: “D-don’t get me wrong, I-I’m not doing this for you! I-It’s not l-like I like you or a-anything.”, accompanied with some ferocious blushing on the Type Tsun’s part.

While Type Tsuns slowly cut down on the tough acts and insults throughout the series as she (usually a girl) slowly warms up to the other characters, she usually does not fully convert to “dere”, the nice type. She still keeps that toughness with her XD

Here are some examples of Type Tsun:

AYUZAWA MISAKI from Kaichou wa Maid-sama


super deredere…

HOSHINA UTAU from Shugo Chara




Violent tsundere…

SYAORAN from Card Captor Sakura

LOUISE from Zero no Tsukaima

Super deredere…

TAIGA AISAKA from Toradora




You get the gist. Type Tsun are all like that.

Type Dere: These Tsundere have deredere as their default mood, meaning they are usually sweet, kind, generous and caring, with a hidden violent side that is triggered by someone or something, usually the male love interest.

“Either they have Belligerent Sexual Tension, or he is an idiot or an Accidental Pervert, or she just has no idea how to handle feelings of love and attraction and thus is sweet to everyone except the man she’s interested in. Unwanted suitors such as Dogged Nice Guys or Jerkasses might also trigger the tsuntsun.” – TVtropes

“Type B should not be confused with a Yandere. If a Type B Tsundere were really convinced that her Love Interest didn’t want her, she would revert back to her deredere side and probably enter an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy phase. A Yandere would calmly tolerate a lot of the things that a Tsundere goes bonkers over, but if a Yandere were to decide that her Love Interest really didn’t want her, she would likely snap and Murder the Hypotenuse (or the love interest himself).” – TVtropes

Here are some examples of Type Dere:


She’s only like this to Inuyasha, though. She’s like an angel to everyone else. I love Kagome.

Tsundere is probably the most common thing in anime and manga, whether it be shoujo, shounen, seinen, etc. You see countless hilarious (and sometimes not) examples of it throughout manganime history.

Everybody knows about it. And for those of you who don’t… well, now you do! ;)

For Arina fans, I guess Meroko would count as Type Dere, right? She is probably the most lovey dovey girl ever, and does have her tsuntsun moments. Ushio is not the perfect example, but she counts as well. Type Tsun, of course. One of the things I like about Arina is that she does put those trademark personalities (bad boy type, tsundere) in her characters, but she doesn’t make it so obvious as to make them just like any other character.


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  1. I like the comic strip above! Made me laugh hard :D
    I think a Tsundere is always present in any anime/manga (as far as my watched and read are concerned ^_^).
    There are tsunderes whom I like and I don’t like… but my all time favorite will always be Haruhi Suzuiya :)

    • Yes, I do get annoyed by some tsunderes, but there are some I like (e.g. Kagome and Syaoran) but Syaoran matures by the end of the second CCS movie so it’s Sakura’s turn to blush XD
      Tsundere can be really funny sometimes. :P

    • Haruhi is not a tsundere. She’s a tsuntsun. She’s very conceited and selfish, and surprisingly energetic. But her 24/7 energy doesn’t count as “deredere”, because she’s never blushing, flustering, or showing care toward Kyon and the others in any way.

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  3. Syao Ran (Xiao Lang in Chinese Pinyin) is one rare tsundere male character ! but there also is other Tsundere male like Genjyo Sanzo (XuanZhuang SanZang in Chinese Pinyin) is a Short-Tempered irritable type Tsundere male.

    • Male tsundere are usually the evil guys who turn good later on. A good example is Pierre of Sugar Sugar Rune, who is the antagonist of the show at first. He takes a forbidden interest to the main character, Chocola, and acts very mean and hostile towards her to cover it up. However, he ends up saving her many times despite “not wanting to” and always flusters and denies that he did it for her sake when she questions him. However, when she saves his life BIG TIME in the end, he turns into an all-out DEREDERE~

  4. Hello Maria! I want to tell you one thing that is Suzumiya Haruhi is not 100% Pure Tsundere! I think she has some genki girl traits and some Goddere traits.

  5. Hello Maria! another thing is I think Tsundere Male is funnier than Female Tsunderes! because other sees that boy or guy blushed and says “Oh My God! he blushed!!!”””.

    PS: Some Tsundere Males are sort of delinquent, and some Tsundere males is short tempered angry grumpy guy like Tsundere monk Genjou Sanzo.

  6. Hello Maria! I am wondering Whether Nerine from Shuffle and Shuffle Memories is a Tsundere Character, and She also is a Violent Type B Tsundere.

  7. I think you should use the phrase “Breakdown”. because the word “Snap” is Not Extremely Formal and is too Colloquial.

  8. Tsundere male is Funnier than the Female ones Except Genjou Sanzo, for example, Fakir from Princess Tutu and Xiaolang from CardCaptor Sakura. Because of his blush reactions, because other one excluding his love interest will say, Oh My God! He Blushed than laugh! XD

  9. Syao Ran (Xiao Lang in Chinese Pinyin) is one rare tsundere male character ! but there also is other Tsundere male like Genjyo Sanzo (XuanZang SanZang in Chinese Pinyin) is a Short-Tempered irritable type Tsundere male.

  10. England, South Italy from Axis Powers Hetalia and Misaki, Hiroki and Shinobu from Junjou Romantica are the best Tsundere Male EVER. Junjou is the tsundere male anime of all times, but it’s yaoi thou’c: . You may find lots of tsundere males in yaoi anime or manga, but I think the best tsundere girl of all times is Aisaka Taiga, from Toradora c: She’s just perfect…besides, her Seiyuu is Rie Kugimiya, the famous tsundere voice actress. She’s the seiyuu of many tsundere animes like Hayate no Gotoku, Shakugan no shana or zero no tsukaima. Me lovs you TsundeRie >.> .

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