How to Play Amulet Flow Cards


As promised, I will translate the rules of Shugo Chara Flow Cards. :)

Pyramid Fortune Telling (do this with another person)

How to know what people think of you and your relationship with the other person you are fortune telling with. This works both ways, so it’s also to know what people think of your friend and his/her relationship with you.

You need to use one stop card and 12 normal flow cards with lucky charm points 1 through twelve.

The STOP Card

The clover lock with the number on the card is the lucky charm number. Lucky charms could also be a star, a clover key, a butterfly, a crown, etc. The lucky charm number on the stop card doesn’t matter.


STEP 1: Hold your pile of 13 flow cards, face down. Count how many letters your name and your friend’s name is made up of and add them together. That is how many times you should shuffle the cards.

For example: Maria + Stephanie = 5 + 9 = 14

I should shuffle the cards 14 times, if playing with Stephanie.

Note: In Chinese, they count how many strokes your name has but that does not apply to English, only to Japanese and Chinese. Letters in English are the equivalent to strokes in Chinese.


STEP 2: After shuffling, put your cards in a pyramid, FACE DOWN. Do not look at your cards. Then let your friend put his/her cards in a pyramid next to yours.

The pyramid should have three rows. The top row should have only one card, the second row should have two, and the third row should have three. Two pyramids would make use of only twelve cards. The leftover card will become important later.


STEP 3: Now let’s start fortune telling. Each card represents one person in both pyramids.

The top row of both pyramids (two cards) should represent you and your friend who is fortune telling with you.

The second row (four cards) should represent your family and close friends.

The third row (six card) should represent people in your same class (school) or if you’ve got a job, people who work close to you. Basically, people who you see on a daily basis but aren’t necessarily very close to.

Your pyramid should have six cards. Label them 1 through six in order mentally. Your friend’s pyramid should have six cards as well. Label them 7 through 12 in order mentally.


STEP 4: Flip over your leftover card. This is your starter card. The lucky charm number on the card indicates which card in the pyramids you should flip next.

If the lucky charm number on the starter card is 6, then you flip the sixth card, which is the last one in your pyramid (not your friend’s). If the lucky charm number on the sixth card is seven, then you flip the seventh card, which is the top card in your friend’s pyramid.

You keep flipping this way until you flip over the STOP card. Of course, when you see it, please stop! :P The person that the stop card represents is very interested in your relationship with your friend.


STEP 5: After you’ve stopped, now it’s the time to check out what others think about you and your relationship with your friend! Read the sentences on the top of the card to see what each person thinks:

 If it’s in Japanese, then type it into Google Translate using a Kana Chart and see what it means. That is, if you don’t read Japanese.

If it’s in Chinese and you don’t read it, then you’re doomed. There are so many Chinese Characters that you’ll never be able to find a chart and just type it into Google Translate!!

If it’s in English, then yay!! :D

The cards that you haven’t flipped over because of the stop card are not to be read.


Amulet Flow Card Game

There is a question at the bottom of each card. Sometimes it’s a yes no answer or the cards give you two choices. Flip each card in the pack and answer the questions truthfully. The last card you flip will tell you about yourself.

The color bar at the very bottom of the last card strengthens an aspect of your personality:

ALL RED: strengthens love-wise

ALL BLUE: strengthens intellectually

ALL GREEN: strengthens health

ALL YELLOW: strengthens cordiality

ALL PURPLE: makes you more amazing

RAINBOW: you have an invincible personality!

The sentences at the top of your last card will tell you about you and what you should do.


Momo: Momo-chan wants to play too, noda!



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  2. hi, Thank you for this. I do wish to know how do you play be yourself? My friends really are not into this kind of thing…It would really help!! thanks~

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